The founders of Bowery Valuation got our attention even before they went to market.

Why? They had the vision, experience and drive to solve one of the costliest delays in real estate financing.

Every day, billions of dollars in real estate deals grind to a halt while lenders wait on appraisals. This includes:

  • hiring an appraiser
  • scheduling a visit
  • waiting days or even weeks for the report

John Meadows, Noah Isaacs, and Cesar Devers, co-founders of Bowery, used a new tech platform to transform the appraisal bottleneck into an efficient process that takes a few hours—not weeks.

We knew this platform could be a game-changer and after meeting John and Noah in 2017, we ran a demo with our network of real estate LPs. They were quick to see the benefits of a software package that generates comps and a thorough appraisal based on input from the appraiser.

Camber Creek took action, leading the seed round, supporting the company with introductions, and serving on the board.

Today, Bowery powers their best-in-class appraisers with cutting-edge software. They’re opening up the appraisal logjam and working with lenders of all sizes—including some of the country’s largest banks.

“Having Camber Creek as a lead investor was transformative for Bowery. Some of their relationships became our earliest, biggest customers,” John says. “They push hard toward big outcomes and continue to be thoughtful partners. It’s made a major impact.”