Moving can be incredibly painful. Not just for tenants, but also for landlords.


Owners need to refresh vacated units while also collecting the proper data and documentation for reporting. This reporting is necessary to accurately budget for upgrades or resolving tenant disputes. 

Camber Creek met HappyCo co-founder Jindou Lee early in his quest to solve these challenges. Jindou was so focused on making this painful process simple and making customers happy that he named the company HappyCo. True to character, Jindou tackled this problem with best-in-class software and service while building the largest inspection software company in the multifamily industry, all with a smile on his face. 

After years of knowing Jindou and observing HappyCo’s execution, we knew we wanted to lead HappyCo’s Series B so that the company can provide an even broader array of industry-leading products and services. 

“My relationship with Camber Creek began years before they invested,” said HappyCo CEO Jindou Lee. “They are amazing people and tremendously valuable partners and board members.  They always go above and beyond what they say they are going to do. Who wouldn’t want to work with a team like that?” 

Today, HappyCo has data on over 3.5 million multifamily and single-family rental homes, including one out of every eight professionally managed units in the US. HappyCo data is relied upon for approximately 26% of all US sale transactions of multifamily units.