Luke Schoenfelder and his Latch co-founders had a great idea: One key to open every door.

A digital key, of course. One that can be changed every time you leave, or programmed to let in the dog sitter at a particular time.

Camber Creek met with the Latch team in 2014 and recognized the beauty of their vision right away. We made our first investment in May 2015 and made several vital introductions so Latch OS could get to market quickly.

One thing was obvious in the first pitch: Luke and his team had extreme clarity as to what the future would look like.

Thanks in part to Camber Creek, the future is coming fast. Latch has become the leader in digital access control for multifamily real estate. The platform is now used in one out of 10 new multifamily developments in the U.S.

“We were attracted to Camber Creek,” Luke says, “because of their stellar reputation and their amazing network of real estate owners and operators.”

Other products are in the pipeline, including retrofits for older buildings.

Latch went public in June of 2021.

The Company has introduced new products such as the Latch Intercom, variations on its lock product and a comprehensive suite of integrations. Today, Latch’s access control platform is being deployed in 1 out of every ten new multifamily developments in the United States.


Camber Creek Invested
Seed 2015
Series A 2016
Series A-1 2017
Series B 2018
Series B-1 2019

Latch Leadership Team
Luke Schoenfelder
Dhruva Rajendra
Thomas Meyerhoffer
Michael Brian Jones