What gets measured gets done. What gets measured more quickly and accurately gets done even better.

That’s the simple yet powerful idea behind Measurabl, a SaaS-based firm founded by Matt Ellis to help corporations more easily track everything from diversity in hiring to energy usage. How did we get involved? Camber Creek had been looking at a number of companies in the ESG space (environmental, social and governance).

The Measurabl platform stood out for its simplicity, ease of use, analytical platform, and robust data capabilities.

With Measurabl, companies can skip tedious, and often manual, spreadsheet tracking. Instead, the platform provides an up-to-date picture of energy usage and other key indicators, plus benchmarks to show how that data compare to national and international standards.

Those are the kind of action-driven numbers that drive real change.

To spur fast growth, Camber Creek worked with Matt and his team on several fronts, including to:

  • Demonstrate the system’s effectiveness.
  • Lead the Series A round.
  • Provide introductions to our network of LPs, who own and manage billions of square feet of office space.
  • Assemble a strong board.

“Camber Creek is the blue-chip investor for real estate technology,” Matt says. “They introduced us to major new customers. After they led our Series A, their network became mine.”

When we first met with Matt, the platform had 2 billion square feet of property on their platform. Now they have over 15 billion square feet across 75 countries.

And that’s just the start. As more organizations realize they can’t tell their whole story without quality ESG data, that number will continue to grow. When it does, Measurabl will be there to track what matters most.