If you’ve ever searched for an apartment, you know it can be a painful experience.


You’ve got to find something that works, then reach the apartment manager and try to make an appointment to see the place—before someone else does.

Some people get so frustrated they give up. Not Funnel co-founder Caren Maio. She set out to solve the problem.

“I moved eight or nine times in 10 years,” Caren says. “After my last move, I felt like there had to be a better way.”

We first met Caren in 2014, remained close, and helped guide her and the team as their solution evolved and became Funnel. In 2018, we invested in the platform, which allows a property owner to manage the difficult challenge of end-to-end leasing.

“Camber Creek provided value even before they invested. Then they helped Funnel at every stage of our growth, identifying and recruiting key co-investors and C-suite hires,” says Caren, who now serves as Funnel’s chairwoman.

Camber Creek co-led the Series A round and brought in other investors and multifamily housing operators who helped the platform gain traction. Today, Funnel is a trusted partner of leading multifamily owners and managers across the country.

“They offered resources I wouldn’t have thought to ask for,” Caren says. “Camber Creek is key to where we are today.”